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July 2011 Changing Gears

The July 2011 DBC Newsletter

In this issue:

New Members - July 2011

DBC welcomes its new members!

Proposed DBC By-law changes

The Board of Directors has approved a draft By Laws change which is now being submitted to the membership for their review, as required in the By Laws, "...at least one month prior to the meeting at which the changes are submitted for a vote". The proposed change will be voted on at the membership meeting on August 8th, when we will be showing the award-winning documentary film "Bicycle Dreams". You must be present at the meeting to vote; proxy voting is not permitted. The vote will take place if at least 30 members are in attendance, and a simple majority is required for approval.

March Madness Helmet report

Thanks to an outstanding team of new and experienced fitters, the club was able to fit helmets on many kids this year. Esparto, Winters, Calistoga, Davis and Woodland schools were provided with over 700 helmets for kids in grades K through 6. The Davis Police Department was given 20 for the Jr. Highs.

4th of July Criterium

Ever wonder just what a "criterium" is? And just what do those age groups and skill levels signify? We've got the answers! Read on.

2011 4th of July Criterium Schedule

Come to downtown Davis to enjoy the bike races. Here's a schedule of the day's events.

Liberty Island

Another conversation on the club's list-serv provided some fascinating history and observations about Liberty Island and how to ride there.

DBC inks deal with US Bicycling Hall of Fame

DBC president Stu Bresnick and USBHOF President Anthony Costello signed an agreement formalizing the relationship between the 1,000 member-strong Davis Bike Club and the new-to-Davis Hall of Fame and museum.

Roadwork Notes

From the annals of the club list-serv come a few notes about roadwork.

New bike club in our area.

Welcome to a new club!

Race Team's Jeff Slaton on Cat's Hill Classic in Los Gatos.

Having heard that Cat's Hill Classic in Los Gatos was one of the toughest criteriums in Nor Cal, I decided to give it a go. It didn't disappoint.

Michele Feikert Women's Cat 4 Golden State Race Series

Welcome to my 2011 race season! While warming up on the course before that cat 5 race started, I witnessed this newbie dude sit up with his water bottle and no hands crash himself out in full water bottle flinging style as he desperately tried to grab the bars and regain control. Fortunately I was about 10 bike lengths behind him, but still… not exactly what I wanted to see before my race.

On the road again

The sweetest sound in my humble life is the initial metallic clicking of clipless pedals in the absolute stillness of sunrise.......

John Licatesi Begins the Summer Hellyer Velodrome Season

John Licatesi gets ready for summer Hellyer Velodrome season in San Jose , CA on May 28

Matthew Timoszyk at the Dumlop Memorial Time Trial

Matthew Timoszyk Dunlop Memorial TT Davis, CA June 5, 2011

Johanna Trueblood and Ellen Sherrill W Cat 3/4 Mt. Hood

24 participants - representing Boulder, CO; BC, Canada; Missoula, MT; Boise, ID; Seattle, WA; a local team and us.

Kristen Hill Cat 3 District TT 40 K Championship Sattley, CA

This was not a race that was on my race calendar but one I had thought about doing since I heart the pain cave so much. We had to get up at 430am and drive the 2 plus hours. Since I have never been to the course I was not sure what to expect. Going there was interesting and very pretty with snow on the mountains but it was very cold. It was so hilly driving there I was thinking I was being lied to and that this course was going to be all hills. Well, the road drops you into a valley so pretty and sunny! And it was flat as a pancake from what I could tell.

July's general meeting speaker announced

"Cycle the West of Ireland!

DC route modification under consideration

For years the DC route between Middletown and Lower Lake utilized a backwoods route up Big Canyon Rd.

Making a Citizen Arrest for a Traffic Violation

From time to time, a story comes up within a group of cyclists where a motorist commits a traffic violation, creating a hazard for the cyclist. No law enforcement officer happened to be present, but the cyclist still wishes that the violator could be ticketed.

Steve Larsen Bike Plaza at DHS Stadium

Last year the DBC board approved a donation of $5,000 toward the construction of a bicycle parking plaza at the new Davis High School stadium honoring the memory of Steve Larsen. Three plaques in the plaza recognize DBC’s support of the project. Two tree planters feature a medallion, one for the entire club and one for the DBC Race Team, and we also have a paver with our name. (See photos, below.)

David Grundman takes the Yellow!

David Grundman winning the yellow jersey for the Golden State Races in Rancho Cordova May 21-22

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