Board Meetings

Board Meetings: when and where; submitting an agenda item

Davis Bike Club is managed by a Board of Directors, which comprises 12 members. The Board is elected by the DBC members at the end of each calendar year. Each Board member has one vote. The DBC Officers and Directors, and their duties and responsibilities, are defined in the DBC By-Laws, which are available here.

The Board meets on the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the Conference Room at Tandem Properties, 3500 Anderson Road in Davis.  DBC Board meetings are open to all. Members are welcome to every meeting. Non-members are welcome provided they ask for and receive permission to attend prior to the meeting. Anyone who has an issue they would like the Board to discuss should notify the current DBC President by email prior to the meeting so the issue can be included on the Meeting Agenda, if appropriate. Any member interested in serving on the Board should contact the DBC President.

  • More information about board meetings here
  • Board Meeting Minutes from January 2007 to present are here.
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