February 2011 Changing Gears

The February 2011 DBC Newsletter

In this issue:

New Members - February 2011

DBC welcomes its new members!

March Madness Details Announced

"Have I gone mad?" - Mad Hatter "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." - Alice

Why do you want to climb?

With no extra training or workouts or sweat, I am going to make you a better climber. You get to do this from your couch! And yes, I'm serious. All you have to do is answer a simple question.

Race Team Report - February 2011

Freedom in Flight by Michele Feikert

DC needs a food czar!

The Double Century needs someone who can be the food czar – the person who oversees food ordering and distribution.

First Call for DC Volunteers

The date: May 21st, 2011. The Challenge: gather 300 volunteers. Can you help?

Congratulations to our local cyclocross competitors!

Congratulations to Ellen Sherrill and Bruno Pitton for their top fnishes in the Sacramento Cyclocross Series.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Madness (or why we ride March Madness)

Recently, we all have had to learn to make do with less. In prescient fashion, our Davis Bike Club anticipated this trend toward frugality in all things. Out of a desire to husband our resources March Madness was born.

Colorado Rockies Tour Announcement

Please join us from July 27th through August 4th, 2011 on a scenic bike tour of the Colorado Rockies.

DBC March Fools Tour III Announcement

A fun finish to 2011 March Madness plus April Fools Day awaits DBC riders on the third annual March Fools Tour, Monday, March 28 – Friday, April 1 — this year riding backwards — on the map that is.

First Aid Kits To Get a Makeover

Last year before the Davis Double I was thinking about the first aid kits that I had used several times during different events. I was thinking about the rust in the steel toolboxes and the trays that were all battered and worn. My thoughts recalled several supplies that were crushed in the bottom stained with Betadine and in disarray. I hesitated to ask if we could possibly update the first aid boxes because I knew that I would probably be doing it myself since I had the idea. I asked anyway and was given the opportunity to completely update the boxes.

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