2012 Davis Dart

For those who know the RUSA Fleche team ride, the Dart is its younger sibling.

DBC Woolies
DBC Woolies
What is the Davis Dart?

A Dart is a randonneuring event for teams made up of 3 to 5 members. (Tandems count as one member.) At least 3 members must finish together to get ride credit. No matter the team's pace, a successful Dart is all about camaraderie and working together.  
A minimum distance** must be covered in a specified number of hours. A road cannot be ridden more than once (e.g. no out-and-back route sections).
**This year's event is a 13.5-hour ride that covers a minimum of 200 kms to assist those pursuing an R-12.
No individual entries are allowed. (If you are single rider interested in joining an existing team, contact the Davis Dart Coordinator.) 

Where and when does the Davis Dart take place?

On Saturday, 17 November 2012, teams will launch from their chosen start location at 06:00. They then fly "like darts toward the bull's eye" in Davis, located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley. The finish will be at Sudwerk Restaurant & Brewery, 2001 2nd Street. All teams will converge at Sudwerk between 19:30 and 20:00 on Saturday night.  (Riders will need lights and reflective gear.)
Teams must arrange for their own transportation home after the finish. The Davis Amtrak station is less than a mile from Sudwerk.

Tips for gathering a team and creating a Dart route:

Create a point-to-point route at least 200 kilometers (125-miles) in length. Controls (store receipts) should be at least every 100 kms, and any major route turn should have a control to prevent shortcuts. It should have a town/control at least 25 kms from Davis in which to obtain a store/café/business receipt. You'll need to pass through that town precisely at the end of the 11.5th hour (13.5-hour event.)
Get a team together promptly. If you haven't ridden together before, be sure to do some populaires, centuries, and brevets as a team to see if everyone is compatible and of similar cycling speed.
Name your team! It could be your local club or something else fun, but keep it in good taste.
All teams need a designated captain who will handle the team's entry and subsequent paperwork.  The captain will submit a complete entry package which includes: the team's Davis Dart Entry Form; a signed Liability Release for each rider; the entry fee for the team. (Instructions below.)
Read about riding a successful team event in your RUSA handbook, and on these pages on the RUSA web site:

Team Captains: Registering your team and its Dart route:

  • Prepare your proposed route map and itinerary and submit it to the Davis Dart Coordinator.  Each team's entry will need to include a highlighted map that shows their proposed route (RWGPS, Map My Ride, etc. are acceptable formats), as well as an itinerary with estimated arrival times. It should have a town at least 25 kms from Davis to obtain a store/café/business receipt. You'll need to pass through that town precisely at the end of the 11.5th hour (13.5-hour event.)
  • Fill out one Davis Dart Entry Form for your team.  Have each rider print and sign a Liability Release form. Download those forms here.

  • Pay the entry fee by check made payable to Davis Bike Club. It is a flat fee of $20 per team. (Sorry. We are not set up to receive PayPal funds.)
  • Mail the entire package to the Davis Dart Coordinator for approval.
  • Entries are due by October 31st. Incomplete and late entries will not be processed.
Davis Dart Coordinator: Dean Albright, 6120 Kenneth Avenue, Carmichael, CA 95608
Contact Dean if you have any questions.
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