Rules and Requirements

Rules and Requirements for the DBC Brevets

2010 300k Brevet: Early miles
2010 300k Brevet: Early miles


Following are rules and requirements for DBC brevets. The full regulations for riding brevets can be found under "Rules" at the RUSA website: Don't risk being disqualified from an event by not following the requirements.

  • Brevets stress rider self-sufficiency. Cyclists should carry a small assortment of tools and spare parts to make minor repairs on the road.
  • All clock references will use the 24-hour international clock.
  • Personal support vehicles are prohibited without prior authorization from the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA), and then only under special circumstances.
  • Helmets are required at all times while riding during the brevet events.
How to be reflective
Proper lights and reflective gear if you're cycling at twilight or night time.

                      • Front and rear lights, affixed securely to your bicycle, are required any time you are riding before sunrise or after sunset during the brevets. A back-up system is highly recommended.
                      • Only solid rear lights are allowed while riding. Flashing rear and front lights are to be used only as an emergency signal to course monitors that you are in need of assistance.
                      • For your safety, a reflective vest or sash on the torso and reflective leg bands on both legs are also required for night riding.
                      • Aero-bars are allowed for all Davis brevets. However, please limit your use of aero-bars when riding within groups of cyclists.
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