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Nancy Knofler

by Nancy Knofler
DBC President

Happy New Year to you and yours! Over 30 years ago, I entered my first Davis Bike Club event, the Davis Double Century. I was an inexperienced rider to say the least – “training” consisted of my bike commute between Davis and Sacramento – I wore nylon track shorts, carried only one water bottle and didn’t wear sunglasses. I had a mechanical in my garage even before the start of the ride and when I was spotted by a rest stop volunteer at the top of Berryessa Dam she shouted to the others “They are all in!” Yes, I was dead last in the Davis Double. I soldiered on and slowly and solely rode up Big Canyon Grade to lunch at Lower Lake. Near the top of the grade, a buzzard circled above…. “You won’t eat me!” I called out to the bird. I defaulted at the lunch stop as I certainly wasn’t dressed to be out all night riding, and I was tired, too. Still, it was a start. I had completed my first century. I boarded the Unitrans double decker bus, hooked my bike upside down on the first floor and then walked upstairs to the stripped compartment and sat down on a mattress with the other DNF riders. We could see those continuing to ride the course as the bus wound its way back to Davis. I knew I would return.

 And I did. A year or two later, I completed the Davis Double with additional training and group riding but it still was a struggle. Decades later (after I returned to the Sacramento area), I joined the Davis Bike Club. And, with the aid of many club members, I was one of only a dozen women age 53+ to complete the California Triple Crown in 2009 (three double centuries in one season).  The DBC had my back, including the first bit of valuable advice about where to get my bike fit. Members counseled me regarding my riding technique, equipment, nutrition and also gave me considerable encouragement.

That is one of my stories, what are yours? As a club member, you have so many opportunities to make a story of your own. What are your cycling interests? The club offers something for everyone, it seems, or if you don’t see what you want then you can make your own offering. Lead a ride or start an event! The club officers and directors will support the club members in every way possible.

Further, and at the risk of sounding like a National Public Radio pledge drive, this is the benefit of joining the DBC! The “community,” the “club” is knowledgeable, supportive, hard working – if you participate and contribute you will come to realize that you are part of an exceptionally gifted and engaged group. (Yes, our operators are standing by! Call 1-800, well… we aren’t that far along – instead, view: The DBC can help you to achieve your bicycle dreams and goals, whether it is a group ride to Winters for coffee, racing or cycling cross country.    

During the January Board meeting, the 2014 budget was approved and the directors will be managing their programs accordingly. A program similar to previous years was approved for the bike club activities including the race teams, 4th of July Criterium, tours, brevets, daily rides and the club’s single and double century events. A full slate of DBC fun! Please respond to the calls for volunteers as we host each event; indeed, volunteerism is essential for the club to succeed. A special “shout out” to our own Ultra Director, Dan Shadoan, a super volunteer. 

Safety First,

Nancy Knofler

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