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The Online Newsletter Reboot

It's in the wind
It's been a long wait but I'm pleased to announce that the Davis Bike Club newsletter, Changing Gears is again available online.  The decision to change the format is, in hindsight, an easy one based on both the Newsletter Survey that many of you participated in - Thank You - and the advantages of having the content on the Club website including:
  • Anyone can submit an article of any length, with or without pictures. 
  • All content in the newsletter on the DBC website will be fully searchable and, many articles will have embedded text links you can click on for more information.

The times are a changin' and the Newsletter is changing with them.  Take a look.  If you have comments or suggestions (or better yet, articles) write them down and send them to the Newsletter editor.


Long Term Calendar:


DBC Welcomes its new members!

Here are the full member enrollment lists for February and January




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