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TightropeSeveral days ago I emailed the monthly request for articles for the Newsletter. The Club membership is over 400 strong and as of this writing, just one article (from a DBC Race Team member) has been received.  I dwell on this only to point out that, as I opined in the March Changing Gears, it seems that Club Members' enthusiasm for the Newsletter in its current form is waning.  The Newsletter Survey, also published in March, showed that 74% of respondents were in the age groups 45+, 55+, and 65+.  Make what you will of that. 

Over the past months many of you have sent in fine articles and photos, clever verbiage, and some helpful suggestions, most of which has found its way into the Newsletter.  From time to time I include my own offerings as well but, it's really all about you. The Newsletter is the ongoing chronicle of the goings-on within the DBC and its Membership: The challenges and adventures we each undertake in cycling, whatever form those may take, one month at a time.  This Newsletter can only be as strong and as deep as the DBC Membership cares to make it. 

If you have comments or suggestions contact the Newsletter editor.





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