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Best time of the year this week--4th of July criterium. It's the best race on the NCNCA calendar. Get out, volunteer, race, drink beer and then celebrate our nation's independence later on.

Don't be a nerd! OK, you can do this if the team in question has been defunct 5+ years, but don't show up at race or club rides wearing the full BMC, Garmin or Trek kit. It's not only lame, but you can do so much more by wearing jerseys from local teams, such as DBCRT. Not only do you support the local team, but also the local businesses. Why would you want to support a company based in Switzerland (except to ride their bikes)? Hate to break this to you chief, but no one is going to think you're Tejay Van Garderen. While you're at it, take the sombrero attachment off of your helmet!  ;-)

One race report this month, c'mon people, I need some material here!

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