Team DAVIS for the AIDS/Lifecycle

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Think about throwing in with a local group of riders to support a good cause.

TEAM DAVIS for the AIDS/Lifecycle?

by Martha Gegan

Are you interested in a 545 mile, fully supported ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a week?  Would you enjoy the incredible scenery of the California coast and Salinas Valley?  If yes, you should consider the AIDS/Lifecycle ride.


The first day you ride through San Francisco to 92 and over to Half Moon Bay.  From there, you soar with a great tailwind, along the rollers on Highway 1 all the way to Santa Cruz.  Day 2 is the longest ride ending in King City.  Day 2 also has a few distractions along the way:  skinny dipping in a creek, elephant seals and fried artichokes! Day 3 is a lovely ride on the Western side of the Salinas Valley with some decent hills and rollers ending up in Paso Robles.  Day 4 begins with a Halfway to LA celebration at the top of the ridge as you climb over to the coast ending in Santa Maria. On Day 5, the riders form a 2200 bike long red ribbon on Red Dress Day on the way to Lompoc.  Day 6 is a gorgeous ride to Ventura and camping on the beach.  Day 7 concludes in Los Angeles after riding along the Pacific Coast Highway and through Malibu and Santa Monica.


 During your week on the ride, you are incredibly well taken care of, in a mobile city of 3000 riders, roadies and ALC staff.  The 3-4 rest stops per day will make you laugh with terrific themes and costumes.   In camp there are tents for massage, sports medicine, first aid, bike repair and a mobile store.  Your bikes are stored overnight in a secured, patrolled area.  All you need to do is ride.


The beauty of the ride is not only in the scenery.  The beauty is in the traditions, the people and the community. The ALC attracts riders of all riding ability and an inclusive cross section of America.   It is an eye opening week for every new rider and you leave LA with a bigger heart and tremendous gratitude to all of the people involved.  Every day you are on the ride, you are moved by the efforts of those around you, by the devastation of AIDS in the US and the world, and by the kindness and warmth of your fellow riders and roadies.

Three other DBC members and I completed the 11th AIDS/Lifecycle in June.  Two of us were newbies and two were old hands.  As newbies, Matthew and I chose to ride for the challenge and because we heard it was a good time.  We soon learned it is much more than that.    Many riders sign up for the challenge and they leave the ride committed to the cause.  


For the 12th AIDS/Lifecycle, we would like to form a Davis team.  Teams typically train together, share some fundraising and provide a group to socialize with on the way.  It is a great way to get more people involved.  If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with Matthew Bokach at  He is a new member who joined DBC primarily to get a ALC team up and riding.  If you are interested in the ride, please look up the website at or get in touch with Susan Gishi or me, Martha Gegan.

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