January 2012 Changing Gears

Contributors: Editor - Adam Bridge, Race Team Editor - Marianne Hernandez
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The January 2012 DBC Newsletter

In this issue:

New Members - January 2012

DBC welcomes its new members!

Cyclocross - Men B Season Report

I don't know about you, but I get excited at the close of the road racing season. Not because I'm tired and burned out, but because the start of the cyclocross season is near. Some of you may have heard about cyclocross but you have to see it and try it for yourself to truly appreciate it. Cyclocross is basically 45-60 minutes of lactic acid buildup and oxygen deficit with technical turns, mud pits and barriers in your way. You can learn a lot about yourself and your bike in a CX race. You will learn about your own limits, your bike's limits, and how close you are willing to push those limits in order to get the best result. You will also be sore in places you never knew possible.

February meeting is Tour Meeting

Want to go on a tour this year or maybe lead one?

2012 Hand Made Bicycle Show

This extraordinary event of bicycle craftsmanship is coming to Sacramento in March. It would be madness, MADNESS I say, not to ride over to the Sacramento Convention Center and enjoy this fabulous event.

2012 Brevet Schedule

The schedule for the club's brevet series has been released. Two of them have already taken place.

Report on Women's Participation in Bicyle Advisory Committees release

Cathy DeLuca has released her thesis on women's participation in bicycle advisory committees in California. I've published the executive summary below.

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