Foxy's Fall Century 2010

Wrap up of this year's Foxy's Fall Century rides by Co-directors Michael Borgg and Steve Macaulay

Foxy's Fall Century

As co-chairs this year, we had our hands full following the 4 years of success by John Hess.  John left us very complete instructions and helped us a lot in our preparations this year.  Even so there were new challenges.  County permits were more difficult, we had several route changes, a brand new lunch stop for the 50k and 100k, and impacts due to the stalled State budget.

What did the State budget have to do with the Davis Bike Club?  In late September the CHP had to cancel their support for all special events at the direction of the Governor. While this was temporary (the CHP was back on board two weeks later), we had to scramble to get traffic control at key intersections.  Incredible thanks go to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office for stepping up, as well as a private company for an intersection in Solano County.  The CHP did roving traffic control, starting with the first major intersection:  Oak and Covell.  Our corner marshals couldn’t be happier with the increased service.  All in all, we more than doubled traffic control this year – and even so, our corner marshals made recommendations for improvement where they saw problems.

Speaking of corner marshals, this was another area where our volunteers did more this year.  New signs, great feedback that will help us next year, and that continuing positive approach to addressing problems as they came up.  And how about our rest stop volunteers?  Another “over the top” effort by everyone.  The finish dinner was extraordinary, thanks to our hardworking Race Team volunteers.  Most of them were there from before 6:00 am to well after 6:00 pm.  And we got feedback about how to make things even better next year:  more porta-potties at strategic locations, more simple carbs at the first stop, some food and drink at the start (many requests for coffee and pastries, and one DBC member asked where the fritters were), more cups for water, another water stop, getting enough Cytomax and other drinks ordered well in advance, etc.

And there was all the advance work:  countless colored arrows stuck to the pavement, food ordering and distribution, map design and printing, transporting stuff back and forth from the storage shed, coordinating all the volunteers in each category, posting event signed along the routes two weeks in advance (and picking them up the day after), and getting our crew of rolling sags together.  And of course our great t-shirts and graphics design.  If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the special Foxy’s 2010 display at Steady Eddy’s in Winters.  While you are there, have a cup of their special Foxy’s Blend (it will be offered through the end of November along with beans for home brewing).  While we thanked many of our volunteers by name via email, Scott Alumbaugh deserves special mention for graphics, the Steady Eddy’s display and the idea (and label) for the special coffee.

We need to make special mention also of the new lunch stop at Rotary Park in Winters.  From all accounts this worked very well, especially considering this was a first effort.  Celestine Capart and her crew did an extraordinary job.  That location comes with challenges – expect a better job next year directing bikes in and out of Winters.  The CHP helped us a lot at that location, and we will plan for more traffic control throughout the day in the future.

A couple of special events at the finish as well. The Delano Family had a great exhibit about patriarch Ed Delano, aka Foxy Grandpa.  Ed Jr. was there, as were countless family members including several grandkids (our age) and great-grandkids.  We hope a few of you also got some wedding cake, courtesy of Scott and Shelly.  They met at the Lake Solano rest stop two years ago doing the 100-mile course, got married in the same location at Foxy’s last year, and brought a First Anniversary cake for us to enjoy this year.

Riders noticed some route changes.  The 50K lunch stop was the same as the 100K lunch stop, in Winters.  The 100K route stayed with the 100 mile route longer, and we added that great ride through Pleasants Valley Road with a bonus of being able to turn right on Putah Creek Road and avoid “Mount Solano”.  But we also gave ‘em the Gibson Canyon Road long hill, which does not have a shoulder and had a fair amount of car traffic.  And many riders noticed that we continued the tradition of a 69 mile “100K” and a 106 mile “100 mile”.  More than a few 100K riders said it was a loooooong ride to lunch, followed by a short ride to dinner.

We are already considering changes for next year, to both reduce distances and increase rider safety.  Our plan is to reduce riding on busy roads, and increase traffic control where needed.  Fans of the long ride to and from Elmira might be disappointed:  reducing the miles will likely keep us north of Interstate 80 (which will also improve rider safety).  Combine that with more porta-potties, more strategic food locations, putting the 100K lunch stop closer to the mid-point, and our fantastic Davis Bike Club volunteers (and how about that Race Team kitchen crew!) will make for a great 2011 Foxy Fall Century. See you next year!


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