DBC By-Laws

An introduction to the “Operating Manual” for the club.

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Members often ask questions about the workings of the club, such as:

  • What are the responsibilities of Directors?
  • How does the the annual election work?
  • Why do we have so many Directors?.

Answers to these and many more questions are contained in the Davis Bike Club By-Laws. The By-Laws are the “Operating Manual” for the club. This is one operating manual that each Director must read. It is part of the documentation we file with the State to get our non-profit corporate status. While the State doesn’t check up on us to make sure we are in compliance, the Board of Directors does its best to make sure that we operate in accordance with the By Law

If you want to find out how DBC works, what each Director is responsible for, how to get rid of a Director that is bugging you, or just to enjoy some exciting reading, you can find download the latest copy of the By-Laws on the website under About DBC.

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