Easier Rides Under 25 Miles

A compilation of shorter rides in the Davis area.

Russell Bike Path
Russell Bike Path (Terri Richardson and Paul Meredith)

Those of us who have been cycling for a while tend to forget that not everyone has the time, or the ability, or the interest in heading out for high-mileage rides.  And the roads and cycling routes that may be very familiar to long-time locals are a mystery to new Davis residents, especially our ever-changing campus community.


Here are some ride ideas for beginning cyclists, or for anyone who has a only a limited amount of time to spend on a ride.  Or perhaps you're looking for a short 'recovery' spin after that tough century that you did yesterday.





Exploring Davis
Exploring Davis

A couple of considerations:

                            • Every ride has to start and end somewhere.  We tried to pick start/finish locations based on the logistics of the route.  Adjust your trip accordingly.
                            • It is really difficult to create user-friendly cue sheets for rides that traverse bike paths. So we've routed most journeys through town and campus on roads.  In the city of Davis, most main roads have striped bike lanes or are otherwise bicycle-friendly. As you become familiar with the bike path system, adjust your route accordingly.

Please contact the Club Cartographer if you want to add a favorite ride to the library, if you find something that needs to be updated or corrected, or just have something nice to say.


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ride name some highlights start location route type miles terrain rwgps link
 Davis Bike Loop  Davis Greenbelt  many  loop  12  flat  Info
 Bike Tour of Historic Davis  Landmark buildings of Davis and the University; College Park; Avenue of the Trees   Central Park  loop  10  flat  Map/Cue
 Two Cemeteries and a University  South Davis; Tremont Cemetery; a bit of campus; Davis Cemetery  Covell & Poleline  loop   17  flat  Map/Cue
 Pedrick Farm Market Loop  Russell Bike Path, Stevenson Bridge, Pedrick Farm Market, a bit of campus  Lake & Russell  loop  20  flat  Map/Cue
 Davisville-Silveyville Pony Express  The Four S's: Stevenson, Sievers, Schroeder, Silveyville; a bit of Pony Express history  Lake & Russell  loop  24  flat  Map/Cue
 Flying Solo  Loop out to the Yolo County Airport  Lyndell Terrace  loop  16   flat  Map/Cue
 Flying Double  Loop around Yolo County and University Airports; Putah Creek Riparian Reserve  Lyndell Terrace   loop  21  flat  Map/Cue
 The Birds and the Bees (aka Sheep Barn Loop)  A spin around some of the Animal Science facilities of UCD   Lyndell Terrace  loop  10  flat  Map/Cue 
 Angry Elf Goes for Coffee in Dixon  From Peets on Covell to Solano Baking Co in Dixon; Davis-Dixon Bikeway  Covell & Sycamore  outnback  25  flat  Map/Cue
 Landfill Loop  Peets  Covell & Sycamore  loop  15  flat  Map/Cue
 Davis to Discovery Park  I-80 Causeway; West Sacramento; Tower Bridge; Old Sac; Discovery Park  Mace P&R  outnback  25  flat  Map/Cue
 Casual Ride to WInters   Russell Bike Path, Stevenson Bridge, Putah Creek Road   Lake & Russell   outnback   24  flat  Map/Cue
 Backroads of Winters  Quiet backroads south of Winters  Winters  loop  23  flat  Map/Cue
 Cache Creek Nature Preserve  Cache Creek Nature Preserve  Lyndell Terrace  outnback  30  flat  Map/Cue

Disclaimer:  Bicycle riding comes with inherent risk.  All maps, rides and other documents listed here are for informational purposes only. The Davis Bicycle Club and the authors of any maps assume no liability for the information provided.  Research the local riding conditions before you embark on a ride.  Road conditions, weather conditions, and traffic densities vary constantly.


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