Maps for Club Rides

Links to maps and cue sheets for most recurring DBC rides.

A club ride heads out
A club ride heads out


The Davis Bike Club offers rides just about every day of the year.  Here you will find links to maps and cue sheets for most of those recurring weekly and monthly rides.  Use them to get a preview of a ride you plan to join. Or enjoy exploring one of these well-traveled routes on your own.  





     If you're interested in joining any of these regular rides, click on its name to go to a more complete description of the ride.

Day Name (and link to ride desciption)  refueling stop
(as mapped)**
 terrain rwgps link
Monday  Fast Ride to Capay  Capay   55    flat  Map/Cue
Monday (Alternate) Fast Ride to Yolo/Woodland  Woodland           35    flat  Map/Cue
Monday Relaxed Ride to Woodland   Woodland           24    flat  Map/Cue
Tuesday Mocha Joes: Fast Group  SE Davis   33    flat  Map/Cue
Tuesday Mocha Joes: Early Start  SE Davis           29    flat  Map/Cue
Tuesday Tuesdays to Moskowite  Moskowite           40  climbing  Map/Cue
Wednesday Solano Baking Co: Fast Group  Dixon   39    flat  Map/Cue
Wednesday Solano Baking Co: Early Start  Dixon           27    flat  Map/Cue
Thursday Steady Eddy's: Fast Group  Winters   33    flat  Map/Cue
Thursday  Steady Eddy's: Early Start   Winters           30    flat  Map/Cue
Thursday Winters Dinner Ride  Winters   24    flat  Map/Cue
Friday Vacaville Rolling Hills   Vacaville   60  rolling  Map/Cue
Saturday Coffee and a Roll  Winters   56 climbing  Map/Cue
Saturday Three Bumps  Winters           50 climbing   Map/Cue
Saturday Second/Fourth Saturdays: Lake Solano  Winters           42    flat  Map/Cue
Saturday  Third Saturday: Anne's P3.5 Version  Winters   53 climbing   Map/Cue
Saturday Third Saturday: John's P4 Version  Winters   60 climbing  Map/Cue
Sunday Sunday Morning No Drop  Winters           35    flat  Map/Cue
  Senior Time Trial   coffee??   20    flat  Map/Cue
** The ride leaders or participants sometimes alter the route to suit their needs on a particular day.

Disclaimer:  Bicycle riding comes with inherent risk.  All maps, rides and other documents listed here are for informational purposes only. The Davis Bicycle Club and the authors of any maps assume no liability for the information provided.  Research the local riding conditions before you embark on a ride.  Road conditions, weather conditions, and traffic densities vary constantly.

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