Maps from Climbing Clinic

Links to maps and cue sheets from the 2011 Beginning Climbing Clinic.

Ellen Climbing Mix
Ellen climbing Mix


In January and February 2011, the DBC put together an 8-week series of relaxed and supportive rides to encourage interested members to come out and climb progressively more challenging hills. The goal was to climb Mt Diablo on the last session.

We tried to de-emphasize the typical obsession on mileage and elevation gain (although that info is listed here for ride planning purposes). We kept each ride to about 30 miles; we tried to keep the climbing gradient in the 5-8% range.

Here is a list of the rides from the clinic, with links to each map and cue sheet.




Week Ride Name Start Miles Climbing ride description rwgps link
1 Steiger Squared Winters 27.5   800 Outnback thru the English Hills to climb Steiger Canyon Map/Cue
2 Markley Cove Winters 27.5 1200 Outnback over Monticello Dam to Markley Cove Marina Map/Cue
3 Steiger-Can't Elope Winters 27.5 1300   Loop that climbs one side of Steiger and goes over Cantelow Map/Cue
4 Dam Cardiac Winters 29.5 1700 Outnback over Monticello Dam and then ascends Cardiac Map/Cue
5 Cantaloupe Mix Winters 32.5 1800 Loop that climbs Cantelow and then the first 2 miles of Mix Canyon Map/Cue
6 Winters-Moskowite Winters 40 2500 Outnback over the Dam, Cardiac, and Tandem Hill Map/Cue
7 Howell Mtn Double St Helena 28 3100 Double climb of Howell Mtn between Napa Valley and Pope Valley Map/Cue
8 Mt Diablo Danville 29 3600 Outnback that climbs Mt D from the South Gate side Map/Cue

Disclaimer:  Bicycle riding comes with inherent risk.  All maps, rides and other documents listed here are for informational purposes only. The Davis Bicycle Club and the authors of any maps assume no liability for the information provided.  Research the local riding conditions before you embark on a ride.  Road conditions, weather conditions, and traffic densities vary constantly.

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