2010 Smell the Roses Tour

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May 21 - 26
Tour Leader: Steve Kahn
patsteve@pacbell.net, 530.758.4083


The second Smell the Roses tour will be held May 21-26, 2010.  This is a sagged, family-oriented ride with room for off-bike activities and plenty of exploration.  Families and non-riders are welcome to accompany riders.

We will meet in Capitola at the Capitola Best Western, spend two nights there doing several rides which will be designed by participants.  Then we will ride down the coast to Pacific Grove where we will stay 3 nights at the Light House Inn and Suites.  The tour includes SAG (rented van) and associated support.  If enough people are interested, we can arrange a group visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  

May 21 and 22, Capitola Best Western (approximately $125/night), rider friendly.

May 23, ride to Pacific Grove, Light House Inn and Suites and stay 23th,  24th and 25th, leaving on the morning of the 26th.  This hotel is used by the Sac Wheelmen and the Sac Bike Hikers and is bicycle very friendly.  Included in our visit is a pool-side BBQ.  (approximately $110/night)

Blocks of rooms will be reserved at both stops with a set cut of date for reservations.  Riders are expected to make their own reservations after signing up for the tour.  DBC deposits not necessary.

The current limit for this tour is 16 riders.
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