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Following is a list of 2010 Davis Bike Club tours and dates. Signups for these tours will be held as usual at the general membership meeting on February 8th at the Veterans' Memorial Center Club Room, at 7pm. We cannot accept signups before the meeting; however, you may wish to contact the tour leader if you want more information. If for some reason, you can’t make the meeting, all tours will be held open for signups for one week after the meeting. If a tour is oversold, the tour leader will make the final decision regarding participants.

Please note: Some of these tours may require deposits which may be nonrefundable. Check with your tour leader and understand the particular tour’s policy before you sign up!

Click here to download a list of 2010 tours and descriptions (72kb pdf)

2010 Davis Bike Club Tours (as of February 2010)

  • March 12 & 13: Chico Dinner ride
    Ride leader: Steve Macaulay
    The ride will be sagged and riders will be expected to be in very good physical condition due to the distance and time of year.  100 miles each way.
March Fools 2010
Tour leaders Marilyn and Bruce Dewey, with several other March fools

  • March 28 – April 1: March Fools II tour
    Ride leader: Bruce Dewey
    Bruce Dewey will be leading another March Fools II Tour through Sonoma County and to San Francisco.  Get those extra miles in for March Madness.  Last year’s tours received rave reviews. 

  • April 10 and 11:  Clear Lake tour
    Ride leader: Lee Mitchell
    Lee Mitchell will lead a two-day tour to Clear Lake.  105 miles each way.  Lee is well-known for this lightening tour.  Good eats and great times. 

  •  May 21 – 26:  Smell the Roses tour
    Ride leader: Steve Kahn
    Steve Kahn will be leading another Smell the Roses tour for beginners and intermediate riders.  There will be spoke rides near Santa Cruz and Carmel.  The tour will cater to all levels of riders and their families.
    More information here >

  • July 18-8/1: Quebec Tour
    Ride leaders: Bruce and Marilyn Dewey
    Bruce and Marilyn Dewey will lead a Quebec Tour.  This is an intermediate level tour, averaging less than 60 miles a day. 

  • August 15 – 30: Colorado Rockies tour
    Ride leader: Deb Ford
    Deb Ford will lead a two-week tour through the Colorado Rockies.  Those of you who have ridden with Deb know what a great person she is.  Get out your climbing gears!
    More Colorado Rockies tour information here >

Waffles in Belgium
Waffles in Belgium

  • September 8 – 18:  The Belgium Beer, Chocolate and Waffles Tour
    Ride leaders: The Caparts
    The Caparts are leading The Belgium Beer, Chocolate and Waffles Tour.  Leon and Celestine have planned this one to give a maximum amount of time to sample everything.
    Learn more about the tour here >

Bakery Tour Gone Wild
Bakery Tour Club Kit, Bodega Bay 2010

  • September 21-24: Tour de Bakery
  • Ride leader: Stu Bresnick
    Stu Bresnick will lead the now-famous Tour de Bakery from Davis to San Francisco, via Wine Country and the coast.  This tour is now a classic and is almost always solidly booked. 






In addition to these rides, the DBC will be offering, breakfast, lunch or “snacking” breakfast rides other fun events for members who can’t tour, for whatever reason.  We will be looking for volunteer leaders for these rides.

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