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We held signups for our 2009 tours at the DBC General Membership meeting, Monday, Feb 2.  Tour leaders made presentations about their tours and took signups and deposits at the meeting.  Hard copies of the list of 2009 tours were available at the meeting. You can also download a Word Document or PDF from the links at the bottom of this page. The document may need rewrites in certain places, but it is fairly accurate as of this date.  

For those who did not make the meeting, we will keep most tours open for two weeks.  If a tour is not filled or is still in the planning stages, it will remain open past the two-week period.  (In order to participate in a tour, you must be a DBC member in good standing and commit to working for the DBC at some event for at least 8 hours in 2009.  Right now, the Davis Double needs volunteers.) Tour leaders have discretion on how to handle overbooked tours.  They may choose to expand the tour, or choose riders based on past volunteer activity.  If the tour is overbooked with volunteers, one option is to randomly choose riders. But, this really hasn't been a major problem in the past.

Click here to download a list of 2009 tours and descriptions (72kb pdf)



2009 Davis Bike Club Tours (as of February 2009)

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