2009 Clear Lake Tour

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March 21 - 22
Tour Leader: Lee Mitchell
LeeBikeVan@aol.com, 530.661.3650


This is a 2-day tour, leaving from Davis and riding to Lakeport. The ride is about 104 miles each day. Meet and pack at the hospital parking lot just west of Starbucks. Arrive and start riding at 8am. We’ll ride to Winters, Cardiac, Mike's Berryessa Corners (nee Moskowite), Pope Valley. Lunch at Beulahs in Middletown. HUGE hamburgers. Up Cobb Mountain. To Lakeport.

Overnight at: Skylark Shores Lakeport, 707.263.6151. Mention Lee Mitchell/Davis BC. Group dinner down a couple of blocks – aim for 6:30? Reserve your own rooms at the motel. As far as I know, they all have two beds and are non-smoking. Club provides SAG food both days. You need to buy your own
lunch Saturday, dinner Saturday night, and breakfast(s) Sunday.

Sunday: early morning breakfast next to motel. We will ride around the lake have another breakfast at 26 miles. Up Resurrection, down the Capay Valley, home again, lickety-split?

Please let me know by Thursday, March 19 so I know how many cases of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos to bring! If you have special 'on the road' diet issues, tell me. Instead of boiling potatoes, leaching all the nutrients out, drying and grinding the residue, giving it out in Ziplocs or even toasting road kill on the manifold, I might be convinced to bring boiled red potatoes along.

Cost Estimate: Riders should call the motel and reserve their own rooms. Pay by 2/6 for 2 queens, $64.00. Pay at time of check-in, $75.00)

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