DBC's Bike Theft Abatement Program

The Davis Bike Club is taking on the scourge of bike theft in our community. You, your friends, your family, and your cycling buddies around the state are important ingredients in letting bike thieves know that we are watching them. Here's how this works...

DBC's Bike Theft Abatement Program

Bike Thief

Here's what we know:

  • Bike theft is significant problem in Davis and other cycling-centric communities.
  • Locks, even the most expensive 'bulletproof' ones are a minor inconvenience to most bike thieves.
  • Local police departments, although they may keenly care about personal property theft, have limited resources and time with which to adequately address the problem.

The DBC is taking on the scourge of bike theft in our community. Adopting the popular key/wallet finder 'Tile', we have purchased a quantity of Tiles that we will distribute at various community events in December and throughout the coming year. We will teach you how to hide a Tile on your bike and how to download and use the (free) Tile app on your smartphone. 

We will also encourage you to ask your friends, family, and cycling buddies to also download the Tile app. If your Tiled bike happens to be stolen, the success of locating it quickly depends, in part, on the numbers of smartphones which are running the Tile app. [This doesn't absolve you of having photos of your bike, recording its serial number (turn your bike upside down and take a photo of it), locking it, and/or filing a police report.]

We will announce 'Tile' events on the DBC Ride/Event Calendar and on the DBC Listserv.

The Tile trackers were purchased with Club donations and contributions from individuals and cycling advocates. Donations from the public are gratefully accepted. City and University officials and law enforcement have been briefed, and endorse this innovative way to stop bike thefts. 

Read a Davis Enterprise article about our program here.


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