Foxy's History

A short history of Foxy's Fall Century

2003 Foxy's Fall Century patch
2003 Foxy's Fall Century patch

Foxy’s Fall Century dates back to the late 1960s when the Cal Aggie Wheelmen started an informal fall century ride along much of the same route.  When Davis Bike Club formed in the mid-1970s, many of its founders were part of the Cal Aggie Wheelmen.  These riders formalized the Davis Fall Century, a late-season ride that provides an opportunity to riders seeking a final long ride before the winter weather settles in.  

Originally, the course ran counter-clockwise, the opposite of the last several years. In 2015 we returned to a more traditional route. It also included a climb over Cantelow Hill near the end of the course.

In 1978, Davis Bike Club changed the name of the ride to Foxy’s Fall Century in honor of Ed (Foxy Grandpa) Delano.  Ed was well-known to Davis cyclists as a great ride partner and inspiration to younger riders. The original route was his favorite century route from Davis.

The current course runs counter-clockwise, and in addition to the 100 mile course, offers a metric century (100 kilometers) as well as a 50 kilometer family ride.  Over 1,500 riders participate in the ride every year, and around 150 volunteers dedicate their time to making the event one of the premier rides in California.

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