Friday Afternoon Ride to Winters

Description It's Friday. Ditch your chores and take advantage of warmer afternoon temps. Pick your pace and ride with the appropriate subgroup.
Dates Fridays
Time 01:00 pm
Starts at 2062 John Jones Road (just north of Starbucks, Lyndell Terrace)
Distance 25 miles
Terrain T1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento)
Pace P4 – Brisk (16-18 mph). Experienced; no obligation to wait.
Ride Leader Wil Uecker
Contact Email
Wil Uecker
Wil Uecker

Join Wil on this popular Friday afternoon ride to Winters. The ride is expected to continue through the winter and early spring to take advantage of sunny and fog free afternoons. 

Wil will set a pace of 16-18 mph (P4). Last year, we learned that both slower (P3) and faster (P5) riders can be accommodated if subgroups are formed and separate from each other. Riders in each subgroup are safer because they are riding at a speed at which they are comfortable. The smaller subgroups are also easier for motorists to pass.

In Winters, the subgroups will join for coffee and conversation at Steady Eddy’s before heading back. Subgroups arriving at slightly different times also reduces the food line wait time at Steady Eddy’s.

Rain or intense fog cancels.



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