Friday Slower Ride to Winters

Description A relaxed, no-drop ride to Winters. Meet at Lake & Russell.
Dates Fridays
Time 08:00 am
Starts at Lake & Russell (on the bike path)
Distance 25 miles
Terrain T1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento)
Pace P3 – Moderate (12 to 16 mph). Solid riders; regroups every 45 min.
Ride Leader This ride needs a volunteer leader!
Route Map View Route Map
Steady Eddy's
Steady Eddy's

This leisurely-paced ride to Winters begins at Lake & Russell (on the bike path).

We'll regroup at least once on the way out and on the return.  No one is ever left behind.  Or out of sight, for that matter. Coffee and a brief solve-the-world's-issues roundtable at Steady Eddys before returning to Davis.

Please feel welcome to join us!

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