Information for Riders

Information you should know before joining a Davis Bike Club ride

General Information

    • Kid Taxi
      Kid Taxi (Darell and Kyra)
      Helmets are required on all Davis Bike Club rides.
    • As of Monday, Oct 12, 2015, most club ride starts will be from the public parking adjacent to Tandem Properties, 3500 Anderson Road in north Davis. Rides that do not start at Tandem Properties are marked by an asterisk (*) in the Online Ride Calendar.  Start locations will be confirmed in the ride description. 
    • Rain will cancel most rides unless otherwise noted in the ride description. If in doubt, contact the ride leader.
    • Announced ride time is the time at which the ride departs.  Come early to prep your bike, get maps and/or pre-ride instructions.
    • Bicycles should be in proper working order. All riders should carry the basic tools and spares to make minor repairs/adjustments on the road, and have the know-how to change a punctured tube.


Ride Classifications

All rides are classified by difficulty level based on the terrain and pace of the ride.  Pace is based on level ground with no wind.

Toni Kanz conquering the steep section of Cardiac
Toni Kanz conquering the steep section of Cardiac

Terrain (designated as "T1" – "T5")
                            • T1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento)
                            • T2 – Rolling (Lake Solano, Pleasants Valley)
                            • T3 – Moderate Climbs (Gibson Canyon, Steiger Canyon)
                            • T4 – Steeper Climbs (Cantelow, Cardiac)
                            • T5 – Steep, Sustained Climbs (Mix Canyon, Cobb Mountain)

Springtime happiness: Eric Senter
Springtime happiness: Eric Senter

Pace/Speed (designated as "P1" - "P6")

  • P1 - Leisurely (< 10 mph). For families, children; group stays together.
  • P2 - Tourist (9-12 mph). Stops as needed; waits for stragglers.
  • P3 - Moderate (12-16 mph). Solid riders; regroups every 45 min.
  • P4 - Brisk (16-18 mph). Experienced; no obligation to wait.
  • P5 - Fast (19-21 mph). Strong riders; few stops; no obligation to wait.
  • P6 - Strenuous (21 mph & faster). Very strong riders.


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