Philanthropy - 2015

A report of how the Davis Bike Club distributed philanthropy funds in 2015

During 2015, the Davis Bike Club contributed $5,000 to various charities. A total of $750 was in support of the fund raising goals of ten members ($75 each) participating in charity rides. The remaining $4,250 was contributed to the charities listed below. Contributions were made by the Director of Philanthropy in consultation with the Board of Directors.

  • Citizens Who Care
  • Davis Community Meals
  • Davis Community Network
  • Davis Food Coop
  • Yolo Food Bank
  • Putah Creek Council
  • Empower Yolo (SADVC)
  • Team Davis Local Support
  • Tour De Cluck
  • Tulyome
  • Yolo Hospice
  • Yolo County Childrens’ Alliance
  • Yolo Eyes for Others
  • Yolo Land Trust
  • Woodland Bike Campaign
  • W. Plainfield Vol Fire Dept.
  • Middletown Fire Relief


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