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Information about the Davis Bike Club wool jersey

DBC wool jersey
DBC wool jersey. The blue and orange are the same as the club kit colors. The white is an off-white cream color. The same design is on the front and back.

Navy short sleeve wool
Navy short sleeve wool
Orange long sleeve wool
Orange long sleeve wool
Navy long sleeve wool
Navy long sleeve wool

DBC has a wool jersey to complement the club kit. Jerseys are ordered directly from the manufacturer, Soignuer New Zealand, by clicking here. All orders are placed directly with Soigneur.

Please read the following if you are interested in ordering:

General information

Davis Bike Club now has a wool jersey to complement the club kit. The jerseys are being custom produced for us in New Zealand by Soigneur (http://www.soigneur.co.nz/).

This is a true dyed-in-the-wool jersey: The wool is dyed to match the dark blue and orange in our club kit, and the dyed wool will be used to weave our "Davis Bike Club" design directly into the fabric. Nothing is sewn on or printed. The jersey will work well with current DBC cycling clothing, or a pair of comfy blue jeans. It is inspired by the classic jerseys of pro bicycle racing’s past.

These premium-quality cycling jerseys are made in New Zealand from 100% Merino wool, and are machine washable. Wool garments have an amazingly wide comfort range – cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Wool is also naturally anti-microbial, which helps it significantly resist odor.

These jerseys are woven with a very fine (19 micron) wool thread. The resulting garment is beautiful, durable and luxuriously soft against the skin. At 250 grams per sq. meter, the jerseys are a "medium-light" weight.


Style and Sizing

The jersey has 3 pockets in back, and a quality YKK 1/4 zip at the neck. Unlike most other wool jerseys, there is an elastic hem which is firm enough to keep the jersey from moving around and help maintain its shape. Like the hem, the sleeves and collar are substantially constructed without being bulky.

There are two styles offered: short sleeve and long sleeve. All jerseys are 1/4 zip, and there is no separate style for men or women. The size Large fits very much like the Men's Voler SQL-Pro size Large (i.e., club cut, but not too loose). The fabric is a medium weight: heavier than Ibex jerseys. The shoulder and chest width is generous, and the sleeve length is a bit shorter than on similar jerseys from other vendors. To achieve more of a race fit, order one size down.

Sizes range from Extra-Small to Double Extra Large. Chest sizes are given in centimeters on the Soigneur website. These translate as follows:

  • XS – < 88cm = < 34.6 inches
  • S – 88 - 93cm = 34.6 - 36.6 inches
  • M – 94 - 99cm = 37 - 39 inches
  • L – 100 - 105cm = 39.4 - 41.3 inches
  • XL – 106 - 111cm = 41.7 - 43.7 inches
  • XXL – 112 - 117cm = 44.1 - 46.1 inches

These sizes very closely correspond to Voler's Men's, and are almost exactly one size bigger than womens'. So, a Voler women's Medium is similar to a Soigneur wool Small. (You can see the Voler sizing chart here.)

Additionally, we have some actual jersey measurements for those interested in more than the chest measurement. Note that the chest measurement above is not the jersey measurement, but rather the chest size to best fit the relevant size of jersey. 

Actual Jersey Measurements:

Elastic bottom
84cm (33.0")
90cm (35.4")
96cm (37.8")
102cm (40.2")
Top of neck to bottom of jersey
58cm (22.8")
60cm (23.6")
62cm (24.4")
64cm (25.2")
Long sleeve armpit to end
45cm (17.7")
46cm (18.1")
47cm (18.5")
48cm (18.9")


Ordering information

  • Jerseys come in two styles: Orange chest and shoulders; and blue chest and shoulders with an orange stripe on the chest.
  • Jerseys come in two sleeve lengths: long sleeve or short sleeve.
  • All jerseys are the same weight, which is a medium weight.
  • Sizes are: Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large/2XL.
  • The cost is approximately $155 for short sleeve, and $170 for long sleeve (depending on the exchange rate). The price includes tax and shipping to Davis.

To place an order

Order directly from Soigneur. All transaction are online. The jersey will be shipped directly to you.
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