2016 2nd Quarter Report

The financial report for the Club showing the results for the second quarter of 2016

Below is the Club’s financial report for the first half of the year. In general, the DBC financial condition is sound. No significant revenue shortfalls or expense overruns have been experienced to date. The principal source of revenue for the Club is the Fall Foxy which is only now beginning to receive registration revenues. 

The Club’s former treasurer, Marnelle Gleason, has accepted a non-Board appointment as back-up treasurer to assure that the treasury function is not interrupted by my absence as was the case during the July 4th Criterium. Please join me in thanking Marnelle for her service. 

Anyone having questions about the financial report or having an interest in becoming the Club’s next Treasurer should contact me at treasurer@davisbikeclub.org.

- Wil Uecker

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