March Mileage Tracker

Keep track of your March Madness miles

Keep track of your miles on the official March Madness Mileage Tracker.  All riders must register and log miles on the tracker.  But first, read the information below.


Returning March Bicycle Madness riders

    If you have registered in previous years and can remember your username (rider name) and password, you can go directly to the Login page and begin this year without re-entering your Profile data for the March Madness Mileage tracker software. 

    If you remember your username, but have forgotten your password you can get a new password, but it will be emailed to the email address we have on file with from past years. 
    If your email has changed since last year, you will need to register as a new rider

    In all cases, after you successfully login, you must "Update" your profile to add a goal for this year's March Bicycle Madness in order to have your mileage show in the summary of miles.

New Riders

    If you are a new rider or have chosen to change your username (rider name) from last year, please register as a new rider here to create your new rider name and profile. 

    After creating your new Profile, you can always "Update" your Profile to change to a different goal for this year's March Bicycle Madness. 


All Riders

Registering on the Mileage Tracker web site is not sufficient to participate in March Bicycle Madness.  In addition, you must register for March Madness  on the Eventbrite site.

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