2016 March Bicycle Madness Jersey

Information and instructions on how to order the 2016 March Madness jersey

2016 March Madness Jersey - Front
2016 March Madness Jersey - Front

About the Jersey

The 2016 jersey os available in two cuts and two fabrics.

  • Club Cut in AMP fabric
  • Race Cut in Genesis fabric (Genesis, Voler's current top-of-the-line performance fabric)

Jerseys come in Men's and Women's versions.

There is no mileage designation on the jersey.

2016 March Madness Jersey - Back
2016 March Madness Jersey - Back


  • All ordering is online through Voler. Use this link.
  • There is no bulk order or delivery.
  • You can order the jersey anytime through April 30th.
  • The jersey will be shipped to you within ten business days of purchasing according to Voler. (At checkout you may receive a different message, and actual delivery time may be closer to two weeks.)


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